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Front End Links — Week #2November 13th, 2013

Hello everyone, I hope you guys enjoyed your last week. Here’s another round up of links. If you’re into Responsive Webdesign (if not, you should!), be sure to at least check out the last two articles.


This weeks’ Front End Links:


Responding to environmental lighting with CSS Media Queries Level 4

Be ready to use CSS Media Queries to adapt the contrast of your web/app to the environmental lighting.

Pizza Pie Charts

Creating responsive pie charts for any device is a piece of pie. Learn from ZURB how to make these tasty pies.

Creating Non-Rectangular Layouts with CSS Shapes

In the article you’ll learn how to create non-rectangular layouts with CSS shapes. Very interesting, especially for content curated posts, magazines and alike.

Snazzy Maps

Did you know that Google Maps can be themed? It’s oh-so-very true.

Yours vs. Mine

I found out this post a few months back, and it really resonated in me. In it, Dustin Curtis writes about the semantics of using “Yours” or “Mine” applied on digital interfaces. The conclusion is that, the user is having a conversation with the interface. Read on.

Responsive Web Design: Relying Too Much on Screen Size

Luke Wroblewski wrote an excellent article about how much stress we put on screen sizes (viewport?) to account for responsive design, and why we shouldn’t rely solely on those.

Responsive Design, Screens, and Shearing Layers

Ethan Marcotte kinda comments on Luke’s post (just above) about relying to much on screen sizes, and he’s saying that, although we shouldn’t depend on that solely, it’s the best foundation from which to start.

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